Mystery wine from Uruguay that everyone is talking about

Photo by John Cameron on Unsplash

You might notice (or not) that recently there has been lots of mentions about this grape from Uruguay. In fact, it’s no.1 in Uruguay, but I haven’t seen it anywhere on the wine list.

Lets talk about Tannat

Tannat is associated with Uruguay, but the origin is traced to the Pyrenees in south-west France around 1783, where the wine is still produced, about 2,914 ha (7,201 acres) in 2009.


Tannat is a black grape. The wine from it is full-bodied, with higher acidy and high tannins. You can taste black fruit (plums, blackberry), leather, earthy notes, smoke.

I was able to taste Reserva Tannat 2016 from Bodega Garzón.
Here are my notes:

Deep ruby colour, medium acidity, medium soft tannins, medium + body. Dark fruit like black cherry, plum. Notes of leather. Medium-long finish.

I think I heard about Tannat for the first time as an alternative to Zinfandel. Which is definitely not what I would compare it to.

Tannat as a dessert wine

It’s quite funny that I haven’t seen Tannat anywhere in the wine list, ever. And last weekend I saw it as a dessert wine on the menu. I had to order it.

I asked to see the bottle so I can properly match it on Vivino (why I love Vivino article). The average score is 4.2 from 1069 ratings. Which surprised me, I was expecting lower marks since I never heard of it (such a confirmation bias from me). But after I tasted it, I understand why it’s so well rated. Here are my tasting notes:

Full body. Pronounced aroma. Dry fig, black cherry, maybe little bit of dark chocolate. Medium to long finish. Nice surprise.

There you have it. What is your experience with Tannat? Do you have any recommendation about up and coming wine grapes?


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