Choosing wine was never easier with this app

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This is a quick guide on how to find the best wine for you in a shop or restaurant with the help of this fantastic app.

Those who know me are not going to be surprised that this is a guide about using the Vivino app. I can’t remember when I start to use the app, but it was at least four years ago.

Over time, I scanned more than 700 bottles of wine and rated almost 500 of them. The app helped me to decide which wine to buy in a restaurant or which one to buy in a shop when I was trying to decide between a few bottles.

I’m not going to describe every single feature of this app. I’m going to focus only on three main functions.

Wine list scan

I don’t remember when I was last time in a restaurant, and I didn’t use the wine scanning tool. I use this feature in following way.

1 – Open the app (screenshot #1)
2 – Click on the camera icon at the bottom of the screen
3 – Choose from 3 options (wine list screenshot #2)

4 – Slide your finger on the screen to the right and click the Camera icon.
5 – The app will take a few seconds to process the photo of the wine list ( follow apps instructions)
6 – When the results are back you should see something that looks like screenshot #3

screen #3

As you can see, Vivino recognized most of the wines on the list. The top one is highlighted. In this case, it’s Viognier Le Senie 2017. Its score is 3.9 (out of 5), which is good, in my opinion. If you tap on any other rectangle, it will show you the basic preview about other wines.

screen #4

If you tap on the preview information, it will go to a full detail page about the wine (screenshot #4). You can come back to the wine list view by taping < symbol in the top left corner.

Comparing wines in a shop

You are in the shop with 2 (or more) bottles of wine in your hand. Both look pretty good, but you can’t decide which one to choose. The right answer is to buy both :). Or you can use the comparing tool. Get to the camera screen (screenshot #2) and slide left. Take photos of all the bottles you wish, and you should see a similar screen like on screenshot #5.

screen 5

If you want to see more detailed comparing tap on the “Compare” in the bottom right corner. You should see more detailed info like on screenshot #6. You can see that there is even a food recommendation pairing there.

screen #6

Single wine scan

I’m using this mainly after someone else gave me the bottle or I forget to add the bottle from winelist/comparing screens to my wines. The process is the same as before only this time you go straight to the wine detail. Screenshot #7 and #8.

On wine details page is now a rating option for you. You can do half stars which I like. Part of the ratings is also a written review which you don’t have to fill in. The review is public as far as I know. So be careful what are you writing 😉

The wine detail page has many sections I will focus only on a few, those that are the most relevant to me.

You can see below (screenshot #9) that this Macon-Lugny is rated as the top 13% of the world and within the top 15% in the region. There is a section which tells you in which general category this wine belongs (White burgundy) and what food paring is good. There is also a section which grape this wine is made of. You can see many grapes if the wine is made from a blend.

screen 9

On the last screenshot #10 is what characteristics the wine has, which is for me, one of the main things how I decide if I want to buy this wine. This Chardonnay seems to medium body (light – bold slide), dry and medium acidity.
There are also flavour notes which are based on peoples reviews.

You might notice a Critics tab which is a place for awards and similar achievements for this wine.

Those are the basics features that you need to know about the Vivino app. I hope that this article helped you to decide if Vivino is for you. Do you know about another excellent app for wine? Please let me know.

Disclaimer: I was not paid in any shape or form by the Vivino or anyone else to write this guide. I did it because I honestly think Vivino is the best app that you can use for finding the best wine for you.

PS: The app is available for iPhone or Android.

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