Wine critics have no clue which wine is best for you

When you go to the shop, and you see a bottle of wine, that has an award sticker on it, is it the one you should buy? Or famous wine critic recommends a bottle of wine that you see in your shop. Should you buy it?

Let’s talk about the wine awards

I tried to find out in how many awards a wine can compete in, but I was unable to find the number. Let’s do a thought exercise instead.
Every major city has a wine competition:

Then you have international competitions like:

The list goes on…

Then you have the statistics of wine competitions. Here are a few quotes from the Telegraph article about wine awards.

Decanter competition:

Of the 15,928 wines tasted at Decanter, 70.02 per cent were recommended through the commended (24.77 per cent), bronze (30.19 per cent), silver (12.2 per cent) and gold (2.85 per cent) system.

The Telegraph

IWC competition

IWC has just handed out 490 golds, 2,110 silvers, 3,426 bronzes and 3,668 commendeds, suggesting its award rate is in the region of 60 per cent to 80 per cent.

The Telegraph

So if you enter a competition like this, you have a pretty big chance to score an award sticker.

Wine critics recommendations

I like wine critic James Suckling. He invented the 100 points scale, and he has got an excellent introduction to wine drinking on Masterclass. But, I’m not sure that I would blindly choose everything that he recommends. I did have a Malbec that I really liked and then found out, that he scored it 97 on his 100 scales. Which means exceptional. But he also gave 97 to wines that I would not enjoy as much.

It’s all about you

In the end, it’s all about what you like. If you don’t know what grape or style you like, you should look at recommendations from someone who you trust, like James Suckling, and read the reviews. If he says that the wine is an excellent example of a particular style and you like it, then the chance is that you will like the same wine style from a similar region too.

After trying lot’s of wine, you might find that someone’s recommendations are matching your style. Then you are in luck, and you can trust this person. If not, don’t worry. There are always apps like Vivino where you can find similar styles and take a look at how “normal” people rate it.

Do you have other wine myths or thing you think are definitely true? Let me know.

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