It’s official I passed the WSET level 2 exam

About a month ago, I took a WSET level 2 course to improve my knowledge about wine. I’m pleased to say that I just got results and I passed.
I took the course with East London Wine school, and I had a great time, taste lot’s of wines and met some lovely people along the way.

There is a reason why I’m writing this here. Despite wanting to learn more about the wine, I also wanted to apply all those learning techniques that I read and heard about the last few years. I’m pleased to say that using things like a memory palace (that I first time heard about in this grate book Moonwalking with Einstein), and remembering numbers technique from Jim Kwik was very helpful. I was able to learn many grape characteristics and where they grow just with these techniques without using the old school learning style when you just endlessly repeat things.

I plan to write about what I learn and how I learn it. And also to write about some tasty wine that I come across.
I hope you will enjoy the ride with me, cheers 🙂

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